Twiligth Jasper Quiz hard

There are many people who think they know Twilights Jasper Hale but do they really know him. Take this quiz to find out if you are a true JASPER HALE fan. All twenty five questions straight out od the book. About his history.

Are you a true Japer fan. There are not many who are. Go through all twenty five of Jaspers history questions. To find out if you are a Jasper fanatic not. Take these few minutes and find out if you are good enough to call yourself a true Jasper fan.

Created by: Precious
  1. Where did Jasper live before he became a vampie?
  2. Jaspers human name was?
  3. Jaspers exta power is?
  4. what is teh name of the vampire who changed Jasper?
  5. When Jasper was human he joined what army?
  6. When Jasper joined teh Army what age was he realy?
  7. During the Army where was Japers first Battle at?
  8. The night of his change from human to vampire Jasper was in charge of what?
  9. A mile outside the city Japer found 3 women(vampires) what where there names?
  10. Jaspers what told he was in danger when Maria, Nettie and Lucy were talking about him?
  11. What did Jasper think Maria, Nettie and Lucy were before Maria changed him?
  12. After Jasper became a vampire he found out that Maria gathered Nettie and Lucy up from?
  13. Maria put Jasper in charge of what after she started to trust him?
  14. Jasper first vampire battle was agaist who.
  15. Jasper rounded up how many newborns to fight in Monterry?
  16. Jasper met Peter who was a skilled newborn and they became...
  17. When Jasper and Peter were disposing the newborns Peter....
  18. How many years later did Peter sneak back to get Japer.
  19. Every time Japer killed a human he....
  20. Peter and Charlotte didnt feel the same as Jasper, they only wanted free from the fighting and he wanted free from killing so Japer...
  21. Jasper was in what state when he walked into a half empy diner during a storm?
  22. When he walked in the diner he seen alice and thought?
  23. The first thing Alice said to Japer in the diner was....
  24. Jasper felt what after he grabbed Alices hand?
  25. After Alice and Japer found Carlisle and moved it what room did they take because of teh view.

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