Are you a TFC fan?

TFC is short for Team Fortress classic.It has been a very cool game and once got 2nd place as the most popular game,just next to Counter Strike.This game is so great and to win,you must have great teamwork.If you don't,obviously you lose.

This is my first quiz during the "ber" months and it's focused mainly on TFC.I wanted to see if people are fans of TFC or even know TFC at all.TFC is a nice game and making a quiz for it is fun.More questions will be added in the future.Have fun taking the quiz!

Created by: BKPB58

  1. Starting Easy:Is avantai an official map or a map made by a fan?
  2. Is 2fort a/an:
  3. There are how many classes in TFC(Excluding the Citizen and Random PC)
  4. The spy's melee weapon is the
  5. Which one of these game modes isn't an official one for TFC?
  6. Medium:What company made TFC?
  7. What's the special jump in TFC?
  8. The most powerful gun in TFC is...
  9. The scout is good for...
  10. What company published TFC?(Publish is different from made)
  11. A Knife is always instant kill if it's fired from..
  12. If you are holding the flag,you get slower,faster or same speed?
  13. Hard:What kind of secondary grenades does the spy have?
  14. A pyro's special ability is
  15. Between the old and new model,what's the major change with the sniper's model?
  16. Which on of these 3 buildings is 1 an engineer can't build(Unless you're using a bot system)?
  17. This is the only bot that its main purpose is TFC
  18. TFC latest version is
  19. TFC is a mod for
  20. TFC needs a mininum of

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Quiz topic: Am I a TFC fan?