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Have you read the Sharpe books? If yes, then you are more than welcome to try your knowledge, and if not, then why aren't you reading them right now? For those that do not know, the Sharpe books are the model by which all fiction should be measured. Want to know more? Try your luck...

From 1799 to 1815 no enemy of La Republique terrified the Crapauds quite like Sharpe and Haper. They marched across half a dozen countries and battlefields to kill Frenchmen, capture Eagles, and seduce any good-looking women who crossed their paths.

Created by: Dave

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  1. What is Sharpe's first name?
  2. What was Sharpe's first rank in the British Army?
  3. What weapon does a Rifleman use?
  4. What country does Harper hail from?
  5. What did Wellesley give to Sharpe as thanks for saving his life?
  6. What makes a rifle superior to a musket?
  7. Which of these tactics repels cavalry but leaves infantry vulnerable to artillary?
  8. Where did Sharpe first fight for the British Army?
  9. What is Teresa's nickname?
  10. What was Hagman's occupation before joining the Rifles?
  11. What do the "three sevens" refer to?
  12. How did Sharpe save the British forces from disaster at Seringapatum?
  13. What did the gold in Sharpe's Gold go towards purchasing?
  14. What is written on each British officer's sword?
  15. What type of military unit is the King's German Legion?
  16. What is the French nickname for Riflemen?
  17. Why couldn't Sharpe take command of the South Essex during the Siege of Badajoz?
  18. What nationality did Sharpe pretend to be of during his infiltration of Copenhagen?
  19. Harper's 7-barreled gun was originally designed for whom?
  20. What is the name of the horse Jane bought for Sharpe?
  21. What is Ducos' rank in the French Army?
  22. Hakeswill did all of the following to Sharpe EXCEPT:
  23. Why didn't Captain Fredrickson fight with Sharpe at Waterloo?
  24. Sharpe went from an Ensign in "Prey" to a Second Lieutenant in "Rifles" because
  25. Sharpe fought against French troops commanded by Marshal Soult in every Peninsular battle EXCEPT:

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