The 7:1 Official quiz

Do you know how to get through high school? Take the 7:1 Official quiz and visit our website to help you find out how to get through Stonelaw easily. This quiz will give you pointers on what to do

This quiz has been developed by people of your age to give you the info you need to have a great time at Stonelaw. There are 10 questions which give some essential guidance on how to get through S1. Click to begin and Good Luck

Created by: Andrew

  1. You see a Higher (S5/S6) Do you:
  2. You are being bullied Do You:
  3. You hate your ------- Teacher Do you:
  4. You forgot your homework Do you:
  5. You're teacher is in a bad mood Do you:
  6. You get referred (Oh NO!!) Do you:
  7. Somebody is winding you up Do you:
  8. You forget your timetable Do you:
  9. You are stuck Do you:
  10. You get a 'Punishment Exercise' Do you:

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