How much "Oki-knowledge" do you have?

Ever heard the saying "Home is where the heart is?" Well, for some of us United States military families, home can be wherever the official orders send us.

If home for you is, recently was, or soon will be Okinawa, Japan, take this quiz to see how well you know some of the recommended places to visit and basics of the culture.

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  1. Where can one go to eat and drink everything made from pineapple imaginable?
  2. What are shi-sah dogs?
  3. Where did many Okinawans and Japanese soldiers hide during the Battle of Okinawa?
  4. What does "arigato" mean?
  5. Where can one get a well-rounded (HINT) aerial view of Chatan-town?
  6. Where can kids play on a model of a run aground pirate ship (sorry ladies, Captain Jack not included)?
  7. You've walked through and climbed what seemed like endless stairs in the northern Okinawa forest to reach this natural landform beautiful in winter, spring, summer, or FALL. Where are you?
  8. What is COCOK?
  9. What is Okinawa's nickname?
  10. What native noodle dish is very popular on Okinawa?
  11. What are the small, concrete structures found along hill and roadsides in Okinawa?
  12. To really "get your shop on" in Okinawa, where should you go?
  13. The worst part about being in Okinawa is
  14. What road will take you almost the entire length of Okinawa?
  15. The Japanese twist on gambling, visible all over southern Okinawa, is called
  16. Where can you go for a fishy foot treatment (fish will nibble the dead skin on your feet away)?
  17. What ancient stronghold and royal residence is located atop a hill in Naha?
  18. Sake in Okinawa is served up with a little something special from which native creature?
  19. Where can you go to get an honest-to-goodness Frosty anytime you like?

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Quiz topic: How much "Oki-knowledge" do I have?