Holy Bible vs Mass Media

There are two types of knowledge that exist and those are wordly knowledge and biblical knowledge. What we do with this knowledge will determine many things for us in eternity. Especially, where we spend it!

Do you have more knowledge about the things of this world or about the things of God. Take this quiz and find out if you get more correct answers about the Holy Bible or the Mass Media.

Created by: Matt
  1. (HB) What was the name of Abraham's first born son?
  2. (MM) Who won on the first American Idol show?
  3. (HB) Which one is NOT one of the sons of Jacob?
  4. (MM) Who is famous for the popular catchphrase, That's Hot?
  5. (HB) What was the "2nd" miracle Jesus performed?
  6. (MM) In Back to the Future, what speed must the DeLorean reach to travel through time?
  7. (HB) Which book comes first in the Old Testament?
  8. (MM) While in Vietnam, where was Forrest Gump shot?
  9. (HB) According to the bible, who created evil?
  10. MM) Who was the voice of Darth Vader?

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