Holly's movie trivia quiz

Do you think you are genius enough to pass my quiz? To tell the truth it's not even moderately hard so if i find that any of you end up in the 0% category you will be severely reprimanded!!!

Now, to be accepted within my family you must have a certain amount of knowledge, no not generally knowledge I hear you cry, neither is historical knowledge of importance, it is film knowledge that is required and to make it, you must pass this test - MUHAHAHAHA!!!

Created by: Holly
  1. We'll start on an easy one - In which film does Robert de Niro play a father with an alter ego named Charlie?
  2. For which film did the Proclaimers write "500 miles"?
  3. In which film did Jeff and Beau Bridges star alongside Michelle Pfeiffer as two pianists?
  4. Complete the following quote by Alan Rickman from the film Galaxy quest "By Grabthor's hammer..."
  5. From which film does the following quote originate? : "It is no magic. I t is what we call optics. It is truth, but truth is not always appearance"
  6. Which 1959 black and white film starred Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Maralyn Monroe?
  7. Which 2007 film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a reporter trying to discover a serial killer?
  8. Which epic trilogy of films stars Andy Serkis as an unbecoming character?
  9. Which actor, famous for his huge nose played Jack Driscoll in the awful 2005 remake of King Kong?
  10. And who directed this 3 hour waste of time?
  11. In the original Star Wars trilogy, who played Obi Wan Kenobi?
  12. Which well known Shakespearean actor and Star Trek captain played Professor X in the Xmen trilogy?
  13. Which film brings together the acting 'talents' of Holly Valance and Jamie Presley? - Just for Jamie
  14. Which film brings together the acting 'talents' of Holly Valance and Jamie Presley? - Just for Jamie
  15. And finally, which actor starred in the following films? : Next, National Treasure, Captain Corelli's mandalin.

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