Norse Mythology Quiz

This is a fairly difficult quiz that will test your knowledge of Norse mythology. We're looking for general knowledge, not tidbits you picked up from reading comic books.

Do you have superior knowledge of the gods? Do you deserve to be a poet or a jarl? Or are you shamefully ignorant, destined to be a slave or an outlaw? This quiz will assign you a place in Norse society based on your knowledge.

Created by: MidnightBlue
  1. Which god has a magic hammer?
  2. What kind of being are Njordr, Freyr, and Freyja?
  3. Who are the Norns?
  4. Life began in the emptiness that lay south of Niflheim and north of Muspelheim. What was the emptiness called?
  5. The White God is the son of nine mothers, and the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge. What is his name?
  6. Who are Borr and Bestla?
  7. Odin, Vili and Ve killed Ymir and used his body to create Midgard. Who was Ymir?
  8. Who killed Baldr?
  9. Freyja's chariot is drawn by ...
  10. Freyr rides ...
  11. Hel, the ruler of the dead, is half blue-black and half light-skinned. Who are her parents?
  12. Which goddess has hair of gold, made by dwarves, that grows just like natural hair?
  13. Who is Ratatosk?
  14. The Valkyries select the most heroic of those who die in battle and take them to Odin's hall. What's the name of the hall?
  15. How did Odin lose an eye?
  16. Two of the nine worlds are the realms of elves. What are they?
  17. Who is the god of poetry?
  18. What is the doom of the gods?
  19. When Loki lost a bet with Brokkr, how did he prevent the dwarf from cutting off his head?
  20. A fire giant stands at the border of Muspelheim with a flaming sword in his hand. At the end of the world, he will kill Freyr and burn the whole world with fire. What is his name?
  21. Who is the only one besides Odin who is allowed to sit in Odin's high seat?
  22. Skadi chose her husband by looking at the feet of the gods and choosing the most beautiful. What god's feet impressed her the most?
  23. Which of the following is NOT a child of Loki?
  24. How did Odin discover the runes?
  25. Bragi's wife is the guardian of the apples that enable the gods to maintain their youthfulness. What is her name?

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