The Official Emo Quiz

Do you dare to call yourself Emo? This quiz will tell you what you are destined for. The questions are genuine, the answers are exact. Might you dare to find out if you are who you thought you were?

The clothes, the attitude, the music, and the tastes are only one part of it all. Find out if you have the soul. THIS, is the Official Emo Quiz. Beware.

Created by: Meghan
  1. You have nothing to today, which of the following would you do to amuse yourself?
  2. Your favorite type of music is?
  3. Your favorite color is?
  4. How many times a week do you cry?
  5. How tight are your pants?
  6. What does 'emo' mean to you?
  7. You see the glass as...?
  8. Do your parents support you?
  9. You have had your heart broken...
  10. You think of blood as...?
  11. Your best time of day is...?
  12. Your hairstyle is...?
  13. Would you ever paint your fingernails?
  14. How much eyeliner is too much?
  15. Appearances mean what to you?
  16. To you, cutting is...?
  17. Pick one.
  18. Do you know what the raven is a symbol of?
  19. Which one says something to you?
  20. You are taking this test to...?

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