Love at Hogwarts Pt4

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Pt 4 of Love at Hogwarts. It's your first ever quidditch game! Also will the boys still like you after a secret of yours is exposed? Find out in this quiz!

Hi guys so technically I am making you an animagus and this is going to lead to the werewolf fight scenes! I hope you enjoy this quiz as much as I do!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. After saying your goodbye's to Draco at the Hospital wing you went to the great hall where Harry and Ron caught up with you.
  4. "You excited with the match tomorrow?" asked Harry. "Match?" "The quidditch match...With Hufflepuff remeber?" "No Ron...cause no one bothered to tell me!" The boys shrunk back
  5. They forgave you and you sat down. You left early as you weren't in the mood to eat. "and where are you going?" the twins said in unision. "To bed." "Sweet dreams!____!" You noddd and left the hall. "Hey,______"
  6. "Hi Cedric wassup?" "Nothing much, you" You stared. "Ok...if there wasn't anything you wanted to say why hunt me down?" "oh...yeah. Goodluck! Also the weathers supposed to be rubbish.""Oh...thanks for the heads up and goodluck to you too." He blushed and you went to the sleeping quaters.
  7. It was in the morning and you felt two people shaking you. You started to poke them. "What are you doing?"It was Hermoine and Ginny. "Trying to find an off button...""You are impossible." Hermoine grumbled. "Your going to be late for the match."Ginny patiently said. You shot up and rushed to get into uniform.
  8. The girls brought you up an apple and you ate as you sprinted. "Ahhh!" You and someone else were tumbling down the stairs. It was Ron. "Sorry," "No it was my fault I was running."You got up and sprinted until you bumped into Harry who grabbed you instead of falling. "Don't want to break a bone do we? C'mon."You and Harry made it and got on your brooms to play. Eerything was fine and you were scoring lot's of points for gryffindor.
  9. Everything was fine until lightning struck the back of your broom and you dropped to the ground screaming everything went black as you hit the ground.
  10. You finally woke up in the hospital wing gasping for air. Harry was in the bed next to you sleeping and Draco was to your left. "What happened?" "Your awake. Lightning struck the end of you broom and you smashed to the ground. " "What happened to him?" "Dementors""Yikes"
  11. You were dismissed and went to the Dark arts class where snape was waiting for you. "Your late." "Professor Snape she was in a flying accident. " "I know Miss Granger. Now sit Miss ____" You sat silently
  12. Everything was fine until Snape came across the topic of animagus and you froze and turned paler than usual. "You alright?" Ron whispered you nodded. As soon as the you were dismissed you ran with Hermoine and Ron behind you. "________! What's wrong?" They called while running after you. You weren't looking where you were going and bumped into Harry.
  13. "Harry stop her!" Hermoine and Ron shouted but you kept on running and soon he was chasing you too. They followed you straight to the lakes edge. You were sobbing
  14. "____," You cut Harry off. "Do you want to know what I really am?" "____?" "Do you?" you yelled. "Yes." They all mumbled. "This"You transformed into a Peregrine They stared at you you flew over to a tree branch and transformed back so you were sitting.
  15. "____" "That's not my name!" "Then what is?" Hermoine asked. You drew out a breath. "When my parents were killed by voldemort, he thought I was a muggle until I all of a sudden transformed. My prefeable name is Birdie."

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