What does your name mean? (girls)

Do you want to know what your name means? Now you can! I think it's mainly girls on here so I made a girl's one but I can do a boy's one aswell if you want.

Only click on one of the names out of all of them. Just find your name (if it's there) then find it again in the results list. If a names has * next to it, scroll down to the last question to see why. Click on a name to find out what it means!

Created by: lp3442
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. A names
  2. B-C
  3. C-E
  4. E-G
  5. H-K
  6. K-L
  7. M names
  8. N-O
  9. P names
  10. R names
  11. S names
  12. T-U
  13. V-Z
  14. *Theses names aren't in the end results because they mean literally what they are

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Quiz topic: What does my name mean? (girls)