Will You Survive The Apocalypse

Will you be ready for the end of the world when it comes? It might a zombie apocalypse, or the day after tomorrow, and you have to be ready for it when it comes.

Are you ready for it? Do you have the skills for each disaster? You'll find out soon enough. Whether it's an earthquake, zombies, a giant meteor, or a megatsunami, you gotta be ready.

Created by: Luke
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  1. What is the choice vehicle for outrunning an earthquake?
  2. If the yellowstone caldera erupted, what do you do?
  3. A meteor is heading towards Earth! What do you do?
  4. The zombie infection just broke out! What do you do?
  5. The zombie outbreak is spreading quickly! What do you do?
  6. The zombie apocalypse has now completely overrun the earth. Who do you call?
  7. Oh noes! Ice Age!
  8. The machines are coming!
  9. A tsunami is heading for you! What do you do?
  10. A zombie Paris Hilton is attacking! What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Will I Survive The Apocalypse