would you survive a zombie apocalypse

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are YOU tough enough,fit enough,willing enough to survive a zombie apocalypse? find out now by taking this free quiz about zombies and apocalpse,es...

this is a quiz to test you.it is not an easy quiz but please pick the things you would realy actualy do.hope you like the quiz! this is an awesome quiz made by evan

Created by: evan
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  1. who do you live with
  2. what king of a house do you live in
  3. a small group of zombies aproach your house. what weapon do you pick up
  4. a loved one is dying and you know its a matter of time before they turn. what do you do?
  5. you find a base to stay in but a group of survivors beg you to let them in. what do you do.
  6. you run out of supplies and ammunition.a group of survivors are outside you shelter,they have a vehicle and supplies. what do you do?
  7. you go into a military base and find some things what do you pick
  8. you find a nuke where do you set it off
  9. where do you want as a permanent hiding place
  10. everyday is becoming a struggle with lowering resources and survivors. what do you do?

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