would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

There are many people out there who reckon they are better then you. they say theyre smarter, or better looking, or more in shape, or better a sports, or better at cooking, but can THEY survive a zombie apocalypse?

Will you be ready when the time comes? will you be ready when that emergency broadcast is put out over the tv? take this test to find out if you will survive the zombie apocalypse.

Created by: bailey

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  1. You are watching the news and hear that there is a zombie apocalypse, what do you do?
  2. Where would you go to best survive?
  3. What weapons would you have to survive? (all gun choices include any melee weapons you want)
  4. if you are being chased by a hoard of hungry zombies, and you can have 5 people with you, who would you chose?
  5. are you a big eater?
  6. how many hours do you sit infront of an electronic device?
  7. do you have any pets?
  8. do you have any experience driving an air vehicle?
  9. do you have any training in any form of martial arts?
  10. does your current occupation (job) require you to use a gun?
  11. does your current occupation require you to use and melee weapons? (axe, chainsaw, shovel, pitchfork, sword)
  12. do you have a plan for when the zombie apocalypse happens?
  13. if you answered yes to the last question, how long do you think you would survive with this plan? (if you answered no to the last question, answer no here)
  14. Can you drive a car or other land vehicle?
  15. can you drive a boat or other water vehicle?

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