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  • "Thnks fr th Mmrs- Fall Out Boy"
  • Weird tv shows
    "Ah I meant whole not whole. Anyway, this is my last post on this site -knock on wood- hope you enjoy these shows from an ex Emo"
  • Weird tv shows
    "I have to go, feel free to add your weird shows onto this thread if you’d like🤘🏻"
  • Weird tv shows
    "Keeping up with the Kardashian’s It’s so bad but me and bubbles can’t stop watching it lol."
  • Weird tv shows
    "Just kidding wrong show they buy storage units and it’s interesting and honestly sometimes I feel like they totally faked the things there b"
  • Weird tv shows
    "Storage wars Texas Home of all the YEe Yees Basically a bunch of people organizin"
  • Weird tv shows
    "5 more posts Ladette to lady. A bunch of party girls go to a boarding school to get reformed and get kicked out if"
  • Weird tv shows
    "Here she is"
  • Weird tv shows
    "Rock of love Instead of big tiddie goth girlfriends you have a bunch of big tiddie Country X rocker girls X bimbos who are all "
  • Weird tv shows
    "I ran out of forums so I might as well just continue leaving you my shows Show 3:"
  • "Korn not Koran wtf"
  • "Listening to the whole See you on the Other Side Koran album now"
  • "The starving games"
  • Teen titans go movie
    "I did because my ex SO was dying to see it as a meme. I just didn’t get to finish it because we got kicked out after they pulled up their ph"
  • Im genuinely curious
    "Do you follow? Honestly I don’t have time to attend any type of religious ceremonies because I’m not familiar with my current c"

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