What Dog Breed Are You (MBTI)?

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A lot of people look like their dogs, but do they act like them? Dogs, like us, have their own distinct personalities. Using a combination of breed-based research and the Myers-Briggs test, we've put together this test.

There are no right or wrong answers here. Just click the response that's most like you and move on to the next question. Click below to find out what dog breed you're most like!

Created by: Dynasty Dyer of Bently and Bella
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  1. If someone tells you an unbelievable story, are you more likely to be skeptical or take it at face value?
  2. Do you have thick skin or are you easily hurt by insults?
  3. Are you more neat freak or slob?
  4. Do you think the word "robotic" is an insult?
  5. Do you make lists or rely on your memory?
  6. Do you work best in groups or on your own?
  7. Do you prefer to focus on the present or dream about the future?
  8. Do you prefer essays or multiple choice tests?
  9. Would you rather be good at fixing things or fixing people?
  10. Do you crave or despise spending long periods of time alone?
  11. Are you a party animal or a recluse?
  12. Do you prefer to follow your heart or follow your head?
  13. Do you like having everything laid out or do you prefer to live life by the seat of your pants?
  14. When you're telling a story, do you focus on what happened or what it means?
  15. Are you a procrastinator?
  16. Are you more theoretical or empirical?

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