Do you belong to this time and age?

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This is a simple quiz! Just express yourself about different matters and answer some tests. Who knows!? maybe you find something new about yourself that can help you in the future!

There are 7 simple questions and 3 extra one for more detailed result! At the end You'll finally figure out that where do you really belong!!! I hope!

Created by: AliZA

  1. (What is ... to you) Work:
  2. Fun:
  3. Food:
  4. Games:
  5. Friends:
  6. Time:
  7. Free Time:
  8. You are going on a short trip with friends or family (whoever you want). Where is your destination?
  9. In the middle of summer, You have some work to do in the school at the next morning. Currently it's 10 PM, What would you do?
  10. What's your own thoughts? What world you belong to?

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Quiz topic: Do I belong to this time and age?