Which job will you execute in your future life?

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Who doesn´t ask him/her self the question: "What job will I execute in my future life?" To receive an answer, please consider taking this quiz. It does have a lot of questions, but it is a simple "yes" or "no" quiz and the questions are not hard to answer. It just counts what you want, so texting or asking a friend is not necessary. I hope you have fun!

A job is very important in your future life, so answer the questions serious. Being serious is very important in your future life to, so you can start practicing here. If you are somewhere in between "yes" and "no", consider to throw a coin or something like that. Now start clicking trough the questions and don´t forget to have fun!

Created by: Clarke
  1. Are you expandable?
  2. Are you resilient?
  3. Do you like to do handicrafts?
  4. Are you happy, working with company?
  5. Do you like helping others?
  6. Are you willing to take risks?
  7. Are you creative?
  8. Do you need clear orders to follow?
  9. Are you good at improvising?
  10. Do you like children?
  11. Are you good at thinking up plans?
  12. Would you like to do something important to the world?
  13. Do you get angry fast?
  14. Are you good at speaking in front of a crowd?
  15. Do you like to be outside?
  16. Do you like to be the center of attention?
  17. Do you like to grant lessons?
  18. Do you take advise from others?
  19. Do you like travelling?
  20. Do you like animals?
  21. Could you live as a vegetarian?
  22. Could you live as a vegan?
  23. Are you okay with people touching you?
  24. Are you okay with touching people?
  25. Do you need other people around you?
  26. Would you like to marry?
  27. Would you like to have children?
  28. Would you like to be rich?
  29. Do you have a problem with hurting others?
  30. Do you find health important?
  31. Do you find hygiene important?
  32. Do you have a problem with seeing blood?
  33. Do you wear make-up?
  34. Do you like to wear a uniform?
  35. Do you like designing things?

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Quiz topic: Which job will I execute in my future life?