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  • 100% gorgeous

    CordeliaAMermaid Nov 2 '18, 5:56PM
  • if it was Tyler saying that to me...

    BCJfan Jun 19 '16, 6:12AM
  • i always say that i'm decent looking. i never considered myself ugly.
    but, i never considered myself to be 100% gorgeous either! this was lovely, thank you. :)

    DreamOfNight Dec 21 '15, 3:23PM
  • Thanks for the comments.

    TheLoveOfBands Nov 19 '15, 11:14PM
  • Thanks for the comments.

    TheLoveOfBands Oct 17 '15, 5:01PM
  • ^~^ thank you all for your comments.

    TheLoveOfBands Sep 19 '15, 10:54AM
  • very pretty

    Poppy girl Sep 12 '15, 8:40AM
  • *^ that wasn't meant to sound rude or anything, it's just it's annoying how some of you think you need to be a certain way to be gorgeous because of bs expectations this stupid generation and society has made up. God damn it, all of you are gorgeous, stop thinking otherwise.

    TheLoveOfBands Sep 6 '15, 12:00PM
  • Yeah, sorry you're not satisfied with your results, I tried my best, but clearly I can't please everyone. Believe whatever you'd like, i'm tired of trying.

    TheLoveOfBands Sep 6 '15, 11:56AM
  • This is not what I wanted.All of the answers you could get were good!It totally didn't go by the title!

    jbianc3044 Aug 13 '15, 8:31AM
  • Your Result: You're gorgeous.

    You are a gorgeous girl with unique characteristics. Don't ever believe that you are ugly, you are perfect just the way you are. Never let anyone put you down with words.

    0%you're beautiful.

    0%you're pretty.

    0%you're cute.

    ResyTest Aug 3 '15, 4:10PM
  • You know, its a trick, I even tried other options and it always said gorgeous! so yeah, trick.

    IAmYouFromMe Jul 21 '15, 1:24PM
  • @Alexsys, awe, every girl is beautiful in every way. ^~^ never think otherwise.

    TheLoveOfBands Jul 17 '15, 11:16PM
  • I'm gorgeous :)

    Elory Chihuahua Jul 1 '15, 3:51PM
  • OMG *CRIEs* ive never been called pretty before not even by my own bf or ex's and i just got 100% i feel enlightened and ive finally learned to love myself. Before i took this quiz i thought i was fugly but now i feel B-E-A-UTIFUL i loved this quiz anywho well im gonna take other quizzes now so byeeeeeeeee im weird

    Alexsys Jun 22 '15, 9:55PM
  • Thanks for commenting.

    TheLoveOfBands Jun 16 '15, 7:54PM
  • Thanks for commenting.

    TheLoveOfBands Jun 6 '15, 8:16PM
  • i am gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! i swear!!!!! no lies!!!!

    cupcake334 Jun 5 '15, 1:40PM
  • Thanks for your comment.

    TheLoveOfBands May 31 '15, 1:33PM
  • Thank you all so much for all the comments!

    ^~^ that's the point, all girls are gorgeous.

    TheLoveOfBands May 30 '15, 12:23AM
  • 100% gorgeous everyone got that... lol... but thats sweet

    PUTZthecat100 May 25 '15, 4:16PM
  • I got 100% gorgeous... Wait, I think everyone got 100% gorgeous.

    Luckygirl May 14 '15, 8:14PM

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