Poll: What color should I dye my hair? 👻👻

OuO dhvfg. Ghhddhuhg. dgi g zghfhk The name of it is "Creatures" The thing that sat on my right shoulder It started out big and white. It always had the biggest influence in my life it was kind and said things like "You're going to do great!" It always made me smile bright. But, as I grew older and became more self aware another thing started to want to get into my life it appeared out of thin air. It was grey and small Perhaps the only one inch tall It was small and frail But that thing always made me think twice about my every move It started to sit on my left shoulder and whispered things into my ear, little things you see, Things like, "You're going to fail." "They don't care about your presence " But it always said after every sentence, "Hey, don't take me wrong, i'm not trying to be rude." With time the thing that sat on my left shoulder grew bigger and heavier because it was more useful than the one on the right. Soon the small creature to my left started to change more It was no longer grey It was now black, eyes red as a rose dipped in blood Whenever I attempted to get rid of it The creature responded, " where do you think you're going, bud?" The creature eventually gained more power, a power that I had unkownly given it I had given it the power to control me That thing was no longer on my shoulder It was inside my body and mind Controlling my whole world It was never a friend like it claimed to be If anything I feel like it's trying to get rid of me One pill Two pills Three pills Four Before I realized it I was on the floor. The creature to my right saw me cry in pain It tried to help me but it suddenly dissolved like rain. The creature to my left appeared now showing its true form It was too late The ambulance was already at the front door. The horrifying sound of sirens...followed by cold bitter silence. There it stood As my eyes closed one last time I saw the creature stand there Again cold and misunderstood.

What color should I dye my hair? 👻👻

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by TheLoveOfBands

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