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  • the random quiz
    [published: Oct 11, 2014]

    Hello.. Im fine.. So I was just bored.. So I decided to create a quiz.. The RANDOM QUIZ.. I know people get……

  • are you two twins
    [published: Jun 11, 2014, 3 comments]

    take my quiz is really good its not to be taken literally its just for fun so don't have seriously it's too……

  • are you a devil or an angel
    [published: Apr 25, 2014, 25 comments]

    Are you an angel or devil sorry if it is not accurate please comment and rate thanks . few are……

    [published: Apr 14, 2014, 1 comment]

    would you trade pokemon you trade pokemon in your face No yes maybe so high you intelligent let……

  • song lyric quiz
    [published: Mar 25, 2014, 5 comments]

    there are many geniuses of pop music but are you one of them dont worry these are all new pop songs so if you……

    [published: Mar 08, 2014, 2 comments]

    Are you a jumping leprechaun let's see? By the way the picture is outside of my house in……

  • are you like me
    [published: Jan 26, 2014, 20 comments]

    Are you like me do you? are you ?never mind just take the quiz please I want to know when your done comment and……

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    "*if it was me"
  • Weird situation
    "It's okay,, but thanks. And yeah I kinda want to tell him bc it was me I would want to know straight away but yeah at the same time he might..."
  • Weird situation
    "I see,, yeah that sounds like a rational mature thing to do. But yeah Thanks for your input. I'll think about if I'm going to do anything, I..."
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    "If this were to hypothetically happen does the person have the "right" to feel upset or do anything about it? Okay, da drama, say you"
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    "Hey me, so I don't use this website anymore and it's just chance that I came on and this was here so you probs won't see this but in the tin..."
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  • rawr..... I wuv you.
    "It's too dark, I hate this."
  • rawr..... I wuv you.
    "So there was a school shooting in France recently, I think it was the 15th but idk. Apparently the dude's motivation came from his interest ..."
  • rawr..... I wuv you.
    "Sing me to sleep~"
  • I like to visit Satan
    "XD okay. O.o mhm. O.o Uhm well I have my real exams in June which are everything and this is just the pre's to have an idea wh"
  • I like to visit Satan
    "O.O I see! ^*^ that'll look cool. O.o idrk either since I've never used splat in my hair so can't give a recommendation. XD mh"
  • I like to visit Satan
    "O.O that's cool! What shade of blue? ^~^ XD oh. O.o mhm. I mean well I wanted to.. But you see my brain sa"
  • I like to visit Satan
    "Cooooool. O.o O.o oh. I see. O.O das good! XD oh. O.O Uhm well I'm just listening to music rn and yeah idk "

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