I like to visit Satan

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Thread Topic: I like to visit Satan

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    Mhm. O.O so what's up? Any news?
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    O.O just watching TV. Xp

    O.o um no not really. O.o I have one or two friends now @school I passed all my classes last semester.
    Xp that's it though

    .o. You?
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    Cooooool. O.o

    O.o oh. I see. O.O das good!
    XD oh.

    O.O Uhm well I'm just listening to music rn and yeah idk if I already told you but we got a dog and I'm doing my mock exams rn and yeah I have math paper one in less that eight hours. XD
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    O.O oh and I'm dyeing my hair blue for summer xD that's it for sure though.

    O.O mhm.

    ^-^ dog!!! XP yeah you told me .O. I see. -3- did you study?
    -3- you should sleep bruh.
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    O.O that's cool! What shade of blue?


    XD oh. O.o mhm.
    I mean well I wanted to.. But you see my brain said no thanks.
    XD I know but I can't, whenever I try my mind is liek "lololololol remember this? And this!! And omg are emotions real? :o is anything real? O s--- dudeeeee"
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    ^_^ midnight/electric blue... Xp if my hair bleaches right and I add the right amount of dye. O.o not sure if I should use splat or manic panic though.

    XD Lol, I see. -3- typical brain behavior I see.
    XD oh god. .o. I see. .o. Do you feel prepared?
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    O.O I see! ^*^ that'll look cool. O.o idrk either since I've never used splat in my hair so can't give a recommendation.

    XD mhm. XD definitely.
    XD yup. O.o Uhm tbh not really.
  • vincent Advanced
    hi it me vincent
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    .o. I see. Xp oh well I'll figure it out.

    O.O I see. .o. How much are the exams worth?
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    XD okay.

    O.o mhm. O.o Uhm well I have my real exams in June which are everything and this is just the pre's to have an idea what we will get in June.

    So I think I'm gonna try sleep. ^~^ so bye.
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    .o. I see.

    .o. Okay. ^~^bye! Sleep well! Xp .o. And good luck!
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    Lmao jk I doubt it I sound a bit thirsty

    But I mean

    Tbh I really am so
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    The fact that I admit it


    Oh well I tried

    Just have to wait for the email response or post and I'll be good.

    Ay it's the fact that I was willing to try that counts m8
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    Masky15 Novice
    Yeah, visit Satan, visit him hard

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