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    If this were to hypothetically happen does the person have the "right" to feel upset or do anything about it?
    Okay, da drama, say you're in a friends with benifits type friendship with someone... anddd you have genuine feelings for the other person. You do the things they want to do to make them happy( physical contact things) and they know you're feelings and claim to feel the same but say they don't want to get in a relationship or let anyone know about what's happened. Bit weird but cool, you don't mind, and it's been like that since march 2017. Okay now you find out today that they have been in a real relationship with someone that you've sometimes been suspicious about,,,, and it's been since September,
    ?? Do I have the right to be upset ?? Idk like we were just friends technically soo I can't do anything. But yeah also idk if I should tell that other person they were with, I want to but I know they definitely won't believe me. So yeah any opinions would be appreciated
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    Magie Magic Senior
    You can't really act on this situation, but you have the right to be angry or upset. However you may be judged if you act on that anger. You're the 'other woman/man' if he/she finds out about you. She/He's cheating on her in society's eyes. I'm afraid you're in a tight situation. Basically that other girl/Boy is the victim, you are the pawn, and your friend is the one at fault. This is pretty tricky. Maybe try bringing up starting a relationship again. If they admit to having a girlfriend/boyfriend, then talk it through with them. If they just say they aren't interested, probably best you just be friends and stop having a physical connection. If they actually agree, maybe talk to the other person they are dating. Try to talk to them calmly and comforting.
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    I see,, yeah that sounds like a rational mature thing to do. But yeah Thanks for your input. I'll think about if I'm going to do anything, I mean I'll definitely stop doing or acting anything more than friends but yeah after that idk.
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    therealminime Senior
    I feel like this is tough. As Magie said, you have personally have the right to feel angry or upset, regardless if you have/had feelings or not, because the FWB is cheating on their significant other. And I personally believe that if it comes out that you're the other person, that it'll be more frowned upon if you guys are only screwing around. Telling the person might be the right thing to do. But Idk honestly. FWB situations are always messy. I'm sorry
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    It's okay,, but thanks. And yeah I kinda want to tell him bc it was me I would want to know straight away but yeah at the same time he might not believe me and it could make me look pretty bad, bc I'm not that type person bc I felt like we an actual connection, like she told me she loved me but hey I guess it was just me. Thanks though, appreciate your opinion.
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    *if it was me
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    Well this right here is the pinnacle of irony wouldnt you say AOIFE?????
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