are you two twins

take my quiz is really good its not to be taken literally its just for fun so don't have seriously it's too personal and looks know if you guys are actually twins

please it's really good please come down to 3oh yeah I'm using the speaker on my tablet so Chris might not be really good or a mice not make sense bike fast

Created by: Cleo and dilly

  1. OK , first question do you two have a lot in common?
  2. Do you have the same color eyes?
  3. Do you have the same color hair
  4. Do ye have the same hobbies
  5. Sense of style ? Skip this question if they are opposite genders and they are obviously different eg. Skirts
  6. Are you around the same height
  7. Level of bulk
  8. Both have frecles
  9. Age ?
  10. Personailitys
  11. Do he look alike
  12. Do ye sometimes say the same things.
  13. Do people sometimes mistake as twins
  14. Rate and comment

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Quiz topic: Am I two twins