Are you Liv or Maddie?

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They may be identical twins, but they are NOTHING alike. They like different music, they wear different clothes. They eat different treats and they date different guys. But even though they are different, they re the same.

Which of these fantastically fabulous twins are you? Could you be a shinning star like Liv. Or maybe you're the star on the court like Maddie. Well, lets find out...

Created by: Jordyn

  1. Which type of cheese do you like best
  2. How do you like your eggs
  3. Which do you have more of on your clothing
  4. Which band do you prefer
  5. Do you like your salsa mild or spicy
  6. What would be the perfect date
  7. What type of dog do you like better
  8. What type of pasta do you favor
  9. Which princess is your favorite
  10. When dating...
  11. Which play do you prefer
  12. Chips?
  13. Which of these cosmetics you your lips like most
  14. Beach attire
  15. When it comes to board games, you think...
  16. Colleges?
  17. Accessories of your choice...
  18. Which of these clawed feisty beasts are you?
  19. Cupcakes. Yummy.
  20. Wardrobe patterns...
  21. Possible soup flavors to your liking...
  22. Sea Creatures
  23. Dream honeymoon destination...
  24. In the future you might win...
  25. Pickels
  26. Clubs?
  27. Flower
  28. A little monkey business...
  29. Favorite Disney movie?
  31. Summer! Yeah! Camp?
  32. Your music playlist includes...
  33. If you could travel to another continent for a day, which would it be???
  34. How do you like your potatoes?
  35. Your dreams just came true!

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Quiz topic: Am I Liv or Maddie?