How well do you know the Kaulitz twins:D

"Everybody may know who Bill and Tom kaulitz are and how awesome theyr band Tokio Hotel is but what do you really know about them? here you might find some questions that will give you a bit of challenge about the life of the twins" ^_^

"So you think you may know everything thats needed to know about the kaulitz twins well why not try your skills in this quiz go on and see if you really do know your stuff as you may think you do maybe you'll be surprised of how much you really do know" :D

Created by: LittlewolfXD

  1. When were Bill and Tom kaulitz born?
  2. Tom is older than Bill by...?
  3. How old were the twins when they started writing music?
  4. How old were the twins when they started performing under the name "Black Question Mark"
  5. How old were they when they meet Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer?
  6. After all four of the band members meet they changed theyr name to...?
  7. Why did they pick the name Devlish?
  8. When did they change theyr name to Tokio Hotel?
  9. In what year did Bill participate as a voice actor in the animated film "Arthur and the Invisibles"
  10. What was the name of theyr first album?
  11. Whats the name of the song that Bill and kerli recorded for the film "Alice in Wonderland"
  12. What does Bill kaulitz collect?
  13. How old would they be now in 2011

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Kaulitz twins:D