How much do you know Tom Kaulitz?

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We all know Tokio Hotel, do we? But I guess a lot of people just care about Bill and not so much of the others anymore. So in this quiz, we will see how much do you know another member of the band...TOM KAULITZ!!!

Let's see if you know enough about him to prove that you are indeed a TH fan (since a TH fan never forgets Tom, Georg, and Gustav). Are you ready to take this test? ^_^

Created by: nELLiE kAULiTz

  1. How tall is Tom K?
  2. What languages can he speak?
  3. What is his dog's name?
  4. How many minutes was he older than his twin bro Bill?
  5. What color is his Cadillac?
  6. How old was he when he got his first guitar?
  7. What is his latest hairstyle called?
  8. What is his mom's name?
  9. How many caps does he own?
  10. What is the name of the stalker he punched? ^^,
  11. What are his most hated subjects???

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Tom Kaulitz?