What Clue Character Are You?

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How many of you have played the renown board game clue? If you have then you probably know what the results are and maybe even how to rig the answers. (But I tried to make it so you can't )

The clue characters are colonial mustard, miss scarlet, miss white, Mr green, professor plum, and Mrs peacock. . . Also there may be some typo reticle errors and but I tried to get the majority of them, tell me in the comments if you see one.

Created by: wendee3O
  1. What drives you in life?
  2. You are more
  3. Choose a subject.
  4. Are you social?
  5. Choose a life's moto,
  6. What animal do you relate with the most?
  7. What cliche best describes you?
  8. Someone you hate spreads a rumor about you. What do you do?
  9. Under what circumstances would you kill someone?
  10. What do you find more important?

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Quiz topic: What Clue Character am I?