Forever and Always pt.13

Hey guys welcome to part 13 of my Forever and Always series! Ugh... in my perspective I took forever Dx but oh well at least it's out and hopefully you guys Enjoy:)

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate. Cam: A bit taller then you, jet black hair, exotic green eyes(Sometimes glow), Pale and you can't quit label him:)

Created by: 33iZZy18
  1. Okay recap: You find a necklace in the little box you found, and Nick is now taking you to a dance.
  2. On your way down the building you looks from alot of people, Flirty looks from guys, Envious looks from the girls, and the "young love" look from the grown ups. When you get outside theres a 1965 black mustang waiting for the both of you. Your eyes widen and you squel in delight. "Did you know that this is my absolute dream car?!" You say to Nick as you get in. He smiles "I had a hunch." He says with flirtiness in his voice. On the way to the dance you won't shut up about the car. He chuckeles. "What?" You say to him. "Your such a dork. It's cute." You blush.
  3. "Where is this place at?" You ask looking out the window. "Its not that far, it's called Rivoli Ballroom." Once he said ballroom you started to panic. "What? Ballroom? You never said anything about ballroom dancing!" You say getting really nervous. "I've never ballroom danced before I was in a quince before for my friend and I don't remeber the waltz!" ou say starting to freak out. He smiles as you guys are in front of the place and it's a bit crowded with kids your age and girls in such beautiful high-class dresses and beautiful high heels, it makes you feel a bit self-consious about your old hand-me down dress and your converse. Nick gets out the car and opens the door for you and notices your face. When you get out and take his hand he whispers in your ear. "Your beautiful." You smile and that boost your self-estem high up.
  4. On your way in it's absoutly beautiful and you absolutly love the decorations. When you get inside theres a group of girls standing at the far right side of the building. When they see Nick, they all smile and shoot flirty looks at him then they see you and they they look at you with jealousy. Then a blond girl with a too short dress and her boobs practically showing off to the world starts making her way to the both of only keeping her brown eyes on Nick. She comes up to Nick, while you're still holding Nicks hand. "Hey hot stuff, mind dancing with me sweety?" She says fluttering her eyelashes and flashing a seductive smile. "I'm sorry but I already got a date." He says to her in calm voice while scooting a bit closer to you. Then she looks at you and scoffs "Yea, like she's any competition." She says as she rolls her eyes. "I'm sorry but atleast I'm going around looking too AVALIABLE, if you know what I mean." You say looking at her in disgust. She stomps her foot in fustration and stomps away and you just laugh.
  5. Nick just smiles in amusment. "Your quit the fighter arn't you?" He says while smiling down at you. You nudge him. "C'mon lets just find our table.", he just keeps smiling. You guys find your table and just sit there talking about random things for a while, and after about 20 minutes of sitting down the host announces that it is time for the waltz. Nick gets up and stands in front of you, and holds out his hand to you. "May, I have this dance?" He ask you while looking at you like you're the most beautiful woman in the world. You take his hand and start getting nervous on the way to the dance floor, "But I never danced before and what if I trip and fall on my face and everyone starts laughing!?"You say trying to run back to your seat. Before you can let go, Nick loops his arm around your waist and holds you tight. When the both of you get into position to start Nick says to you. "Just look into my eyes, relax and let me take lead." It makes you feel a whole lot better when you look into his eyes and just relax.
  6. The music starts plaing and your about to close your eyes cuz you think you're going to fall, till Nick puts his hand under your chin and lifts your head to meet him at eye level. You look into his enchanting violet eyes. Then without realizing it you two are dancing and you feel like your just gliding and Nick spins and turns you, you're suprised you haven't falling yet.
  7. **CAM'S P.O.V** On my way to the dance for some reason I can't stop thinking about _____. Funny. This is a first for me. *GOING BACK TO THE DAY BEFORE WHEN JASON TAKES YOU AND CAM IS IN THE KITCHEN* Nick walks in looking a little nervous, he quietly gets his water. "How's Sarah doing." I say casually it looks like he's going to spit out his water, but he chills and trys to pull it off. "I'm sorry, man. But I don't know what you're talking about." He's about to leave but I HAVE to talk to him. "I think you know exactly what I'm talking about." He stiffens at the door and looks at me. "How do you know?" He says, looking a bit pale. I chuckel, "In all my years of living you really think I'm that stupid?" He say not looking at him. I gulp down the rest of the pancake and milk _____ gave me. He continues to stare, at me as I make my way to the door. "Nice talk, Nick. I'll see you soon."
  8. **PRESENT TIME STILL CAM'S P.O.V** I park my dodge challenger outside in front. The receptionist is a woman. I could probually PURSUADE her to let me in. Time to turn on my charm. I rest my elbows on the railings and wait for her notice me. She does. I smile "Hi, I'm a bit late and forgot my invitation, I have a few friends wating for me, would you please let me in?" I say in the most smoothest way possiable. She's takin aback, she assums I'm flirting and by the way she looks at me she finds physically attractive. "Oh yes go on in." She also finds my voice attractive cuz of the AMERICAN accent. I smile and make my way in. I make my way in and I see a few solo girls cheaking me out. 'They mite be hot but they arn't nearly as beautiful as _____.' After a second I mentally slap myslef, 'WTF am I thinking.' There's a big circle of people surrounding the dance floor. I wander what for. I make my way threw and see it, nobody is dancing except for Nick and _____. She's absolutly stunning, so stunning I have to remind myslef why I am here. It doesn't even seem like they're dancing, more like gliding fluently. I look at Nick and the way he's looking at her, it's not just a simple crush or obsession. He-no I can't bring myself to say it. It makes me extremly jealous for some reason.
  9. **YOUR P.O.V** You didn't notice anything else besides Nicks violet eyes. When the song finished, you bearly notice that only you and Nick are the only ones on the dance floor. You look at Nick and he seems not happybut but joyful. Then the host grabs the microphone. "Ladies and Gentlemen why don't we give a nice round of applause for this lovely young couple." Everyone starts clapping, even the host does too. Then the host decides to make it a bit more interesting. "Now young lady how long have you been together." She says as she makes her way to you and puts the microphone close to your lips. "Uh-This is our first date.." You say sounding really nervous. She hugs from the side and whisper/says to everyone "Better hold on tight, this one's a keeper." Then she goes back on the stage and talks about the plan for the rest of the evning. She puts on some more music, notmusic thats for waltz more like for slow dancing. Then all the couples get on the dance floor with you. Nick puts both his hands on your waist and pulls you close. You put your hands around his neck but he's a bit too tall. Nick notices and lifts you and steadies your feet on top of his. "Better?" He whispers to you. "Better." You rest your head on his chest and he just putshis head close to your neck. After about 3 beautifulmoments just going in circles you lift your head and look into his eyes. "Nick?" "Yea?" "Where'd you learn how to dance like that?" He smiles. "Alex is a great dancing partner." You laugh, for some reason you're suprised but at the same time so expecting that.
  10. After staying like that for 30 minutes you need to really go to the bathroom. "Nick, I'll be right back, I need to go to the bathroom." He nods and walks to your table. You go to the bathroom and when your done and getting out, you see a balcony with no one there. You're curious so you walk towards it and when the cold air hits your face you feel so much better. You look up and thew stars are so pretty and it's a full moon, and you feel yourself litterally glowing. You feel someone just staring at you from behind you turn around and it's Cam. He's wearing a black button-up shirt, ripped black skinny jeans, and black converse. "You really have to stop doing that." You say. He seems suprised "A normal person would start off saying "Hey" Or "hi"." He says smiling. You smile too "I never mentioned that I was normal." "True at that." He says standing next to you, his eyes are glowing again. Before you can ask why or how they do that Nick comes. "Hey _____, I was looking everywhe-" He looks at Cam and he looks nervous. "Nice to see you again ______, but it looks like I have to go." He says only looking at Nick. Beofre he leaves he looks at Nick for a second and gives him a little paper then leaves.
  11. When Cam is out of earshot Nick says to you "What was he doing here?" You shrug "Beats me, probualy crashed the party, anywho yes?" "Oh yea the party i almost over cuz it's like 12 and we still got a little time so, I was wondering if you would like to get ice-cream?" He says looking at you. You smile "Sure, ice-cream at 12 in the morning sounds appetizing."
  12. When the both of you get to the ice-cream place it was pretty deserted, except for the old lady that was at the cash resgister. When the both of you go up to the lady, she looks at the both of you and smiles. "Oh such a lovely couple, what would you like at such a time?" She says while looking at the both of you. You blush because you have no idea what to say. "I would like cookies n cream and..." He looks at you asking with his eyes what you want. "Oh I'll take (Whatever favor)." You say to the cute old lady. She nods and leves the two of you while she gets your ice-creams.
  13. When the old lady gives you your ice-cream Nick leads you outside to the fancy bench. You sit down and take a bit of your ice-cream when you do, you shiver cuz it's cold outside and you're eating ice-cream. Nick notices and scoots closer to you and puts his arm around you. It sends a rush of warmth through you, and you feel instantly better. "Is it just me, or do all guys have a built-in heater?" You say as you snuggle closer to him. He smiles "it's a guy thing." You take another bite of your ice-cream and your lips become so unbeleivably cold. "Hey your lips look a little blue, you want me to warm those up too?" He says to you. "Hey, that rhymed a little." Then with out warning he kisses you, it was a gentle kiss then it becomes more passionate and desperate, you taste cookies n cream. The kiss lasts for about 10 seconds then you pull away smiling. "You were right, that did warm me right up." You say looking up at him. He holds on to you a little more tighter. "I am always right."
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!! I'm so sorry guys for ending it there but it was getting so long!! And I'm a bit lazy so :P My week has been fantastic so far and as I said I'm doing this slowly cuz I'm doing it on my Tia's computer and I have to hurry before she comes back home! Okay guys hopefully you enjoyed and hopefully part 14 comes soon!:)

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