Forever and Always pt.12

Hey guys welcome to Part 12 of my Forever and Always series! Ugh I rushed through this so don't judge:P and also I forgot to put Cam as an answer!D: But oh well anywho Enjoy!:)

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate.

Created by: 33iZZy18
  1. Okay recap: You arrive at your hotel, you go for a walk then some guys were going to do something to you and Cam saves your butt. and now you're taking him back to the hotel so he can get a sweater.
  2. On the elevator it was awkward for you cuz Alex looked irritated, Chris looked on edge, Jason looked okay for some reason and Nick... well he looked uncomfortable. You want to break the awkwardness. "So... whos up for pancakes at 3 in the morning?" You ask the guys. The atmosphere immediatly lifted. You feel a sense of releif.
  3. When you get inside the hotel room, you wak/run to the kitchen to escape the awkwardness. When you start cooking the pancakes and in the middle of mixing Cam walks in. "Hey, wats up Cam?" You say. "Nothing, but I think your 'friends' don't like me very much." He says while leaning on the counter. "Which reminds me..." You say as you pour the batter into the pan. "What brings you to london." You ask. "To visit some family." He says casually while looking around. "What brings you to london?" he ask you. "To..." You say slowly. You mentaly face-palm yourself. "With four guys? Which I know arn't your cousins." He says smiling. You stay quiet, because of fustration. Then Jason walks in. "______, I need to talk to you." "In a minute, cuz I'm in the middle of cooking." Then he turns off the stove. "It's important." You nod and turn off the stove. "I'll be right back." You say to Cam then you follow Jason to the large window in your room and you see a telescope. "Wow I never noticed that 5 foot telescope standing in the front of the huge window." You say. "No, I put it in here. Look-" Then you look through the little hole. "What exactly am I suppose to be looking for?" You say looking at the giant Clock across the river. "Look at the building in front of us, 5th floor, 3 window to the left." Then you do as he said and see three figures dressed in a dark red clok and staring directly at you. You panick and close the window. Then you look at Jason. "We're being followed."
  4. There was silence. "Do we tell the guys?" "No." Your confused "What? Why? We have to tell them and get this thing settled." He shakes his head "If we tell them now, they'll freak so after your training tomorrow with Nick we're gonna cheak it out k?" You think about it for a second. "Fine, but how are we gonna go with out them knowing?" He thinks about it. "MW3." "Wow." He smiles. "Hey it works." After your conversation with Jason, you go to the kitchen to cheak on Cam. He isn't there but Nick is. "Hey, wheres Cam?" You ask looking around. He shrugs "He said he had to go somewhere." He says. "Oh okay." Your about to leave "Hey." He calls to you. "Yea?" You say. "Training tomorrow." "Are you saying a few hours from now tomorrow or tomorrow tomorrow." He smiles "Tomorrow tomorrow I mean and today I was thinking I could take you to a dance." You smile "Sure." You say with delight.
  5. FASTFOWARD You got the time the dance is suppose to start, and it starts at 9. Right now it's 8. You look through your suitcase and can't find anything. You panic and you try to find somwthing decent. After about 10 minutes of throwing all your clothes out of your bag you find something, It's a dress.
  6. You remember that Jason was the one who packed your closet and It's one of your mothers old dresses. (She never liked to throw away things) She had this dress for her senior year prom. It was lovely and when you were a kid you found it and promised you're mother you would wear it for your high school prom. You smile when you remember that memory. It's a simple yet classy black dress that hugs the top half of your body and shows off your curves, then poofs out on the bottum half, and stops right above your knees. (I can't get more descriptive then that so use your imagination :P) When your done putting it on, you remember that you don't have any shoes. You only have one pair of shoes and it's your old kinda worn out converse. Only certain dresses look good with converse, and you're hopeing that this is one of those dresses. When you put them on you look at yourself in the mirrior and smile. It is one of those dresses.Now only have 45 minutes to put on some make-up and do your hair.
  7. You run to the bathroom and turn on the curler and while it's heating you Think to yourself 'This is way to much black.' You look into the bathroom drawers and find some blue ribbon, you smile and grab the sewing kit. You sow some blue ribbon to the bottum of your dress. You want to see if you have any blue masscara. Then you feel something at the bottum of your bag, you pull it out and it's the box that came to you threw the mail... and it's open.
  8. Your curious and open it. It's a beautiful necklace, with a silver chain and a black stone with a blue haze floating around inside the stone. Your absolutly breathtaken by this necklace you don't even think twice about putting it on. When you put it on, it completes the whole outfit. You go back inside the bathroom and apply some black eye shadow, lip gloss, and also the blue masscara. Then you curl your hair, and when your done you smile at yourself in satisfaction. Then you hear someone knosk at your door. "Hey _____, it's Jason can I come in?" "Uh-Sure?" Then he comes in babbling about something, then he sees you and his eyes widen and his mouth drops to the floor. "W-w-whats t-the occassion?" He says studdering. You chuckel "Nick is taking me to a dance." "Oh..." He says looking down at the ground. "Well, have fun." He says about to walk away. "Wait, Jason." He looks back at you. "Yes?" He says. "Good night." Then you kiss his cheak. When you look at his face it looks like a kid at chrismas. "Yea, good night." He smiles.
  9. When he leaves you walk outside to wait for Nick. When you get to the living room Chris and Alex are playing MW3. Then Alex notices you from the corner of his eye, he drops the control and is walking towards you while grabing Chris, then Chris notices you and just stares then Alex trips and lands on his face. You laugh, and he gets up. "H-heey ______." Alex says. You smile "Hey." You say to both of them. Then Nick walks in wearing black jeans, a white button up short-sleve shirt, and is wearing Axe the type of axe that just draws you to him. Then he sees you and smiles and you see a small twinkle in his eyes.
  10. He walks up to you and whispers in your ear right in front of everyone. "Hey, beautiful." You smile "Hey, Nick." Then he leads you to the door. "Ready to go?" "Ready."
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Lets make it quick and tell you the important stuff. I forgot to put Cam as an answerD: But anywho hopefully part 13 comes soon!!:)

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