Forever and Always pt.11

Hey guys this is Part 11 of my Forever and Always series. Ah, it feels good to realese two parts in one day, and I also found out how to do the multi-answer thingy:D So, if you have a peticular guy you will get your answer:) and Enjoy!!:)

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate.

Created by: 33iZZy18
  1. Okay recap: You met Cam on the plane and Alex told you his story and Now your gonna stay at one of the finest hotels in West london.
  2. When you pull up at the hotel outside it look fanisating but when you get to your room you're blown away and gasp at the scene of the room. You think it's absolutly beautiful. You love the decoration cuz it's white and red and the couches are so unbeleivably soft you could lay there forever. When you get to your room, you instanly fall in love and fall on your bed, you assum it's one of those temperpedics cuz it feels like your laying on a cloud.
  3. You instantly fall asleep. *DREAM MODE* You were in a dark place, it was cold. You saw yourself laying on a bed and the guys surrounding you. Then you see Alex push Nick on the ground Alex on top of him holding his neck. "How could you just let her go by herself! She's dead because of you!" Then Chris grabs Alex. "If you wouldn't have done that to her, she would have been alive right now!" Nick says. Then Alex grabs a knife and puts it to his neck. "I didn't mean it, you know how important she is to me." Then Nick says "She's important to all of us." Then someone opens a door and its a black figure and you can't make him out, the only thing that rings a bell is that he has intense green eyes that seem to glow, and he makes his way into the light. It's Cam. "What are you doing here?" Jason ask. "Im here to help.". You wake up screaming and you're sweating really bad. You catch your breath "Crap, that was the same dream..." You say to yourself. You look st the time and it's 2 in the morning. You try going back to sleep but you can't you just end up tossing and turning. You look at the time again and it's 2:05. "UGGGHHHHH" You groan cuz you think hours has passed. You feel like going for a walk, because for some reason when cold air hits you after having a bad dream it sooths you.
  4. You get up, slip on some regular skinny jeans, some worn out converse, and a black sweater. When you get out of the Hotel room it's creepy cuz theres no one around and it's a hallway so of course you would be freaked out. You run to the elevator, and press the first floor button. When you get to the lobby. Theres only the one person who takes the room reservations. You walk outside and it's not that crowded, but it is very desserted now that you think of it.
  5. You start thinking about the bathroom and get a little scarred, but get over it cuz you think it won't ever happen again. You're pretty hungry and you see a little mini-mart across the street. You get into the store and at the cash register you see an old woman there reading a book. When she sees you she smiles "Ello deary, what can I do for you today?" She ask you in a brithish accent. You don't wana be rude so you smile and say "Oh nothing im just gonna get some chips." She nods and goes back to reading. It's pretty cold outside so you decide instead of chips, you get some hot chocolate. You thank the woman and head outside. When you turn a corner you see some figures that you can't really make out talking but you knwo they're all men.
  6. 'Sh-t ________! just go to other side of the street where the lights are.' You think to yourself. The hotel is too far away for you to run, so you go back to where the Mini-mart is. You see a pay phone. When you get there you have some change from the mini-mart. You put it in and you remember you don't have any of the guys number. You bump your head on the payphone. You egt your change back and just sit there on the side of the rode. 'Might as well wait for morning.' You sit there for about 5 minutes, and then remember you still have Cam's number.
  7. You dial the number and he doesn't answer. "Well, at least I tryed." You say. You think of a plan to see if you can go around the guys with out getting noticed. You got nothing. 'Fine I'll just walk on the litted part of the street.' You start walking and you see from the corner of your eye that they noticed you. 'Sh-t' You think. Then you start running. And you look back to see that they are following you and they're running to. Then you stop and think to yourself 'I can take them.' You turn around to face them. "Ello love, hows you doin' today." One of them says. You put your hand behind your back trying to start a fire so you can throw fire balls at them. "Im doing just fine, thank you." You say trying to stall. Before they can come any closer to you, you feel someone come from your back and stand next to you looking at the people. "Sorrt we were just lost, sorry to bother you." You look to the person who is standing next to you and you can't really see who he is except that his eyes are glowing an intense exotice green. "Cam."
  8. He looks down at you "_____" He says. He looks back at the guys and his eyes seem to glow even more and they back away slowly and terrified. Then they ran away from you guys, then his eyes go back to their normal green color. Then he walks you to the lited part of the street. "What are you doing walking around with no one at this time of night?" He says to you. "What are YOU doing walking around with no one at this time of night." You repeat. "Some bussiness, but seriously do you understand what could've happend if I wasn't here?" He says a looking a little flustered. "I could've handeled them." You say as you stand up straight. He chuckeles. "Whats so funny? I seriously could've handeled them." Then you take a closer look at him and he has no sweater. "Arn't you freezing?! Where's your sweater!?" You say as you're about to take off your sweater. "No, Im not freezing. Don't take off your sweater." "WTF It's 30 degrees out here!"
  9. "Lets just forget about me and lets get you to where ever you're staying." You think about it for a minute. "When we get there I'm getting you a sweater." You say. You guys walk in silence. Then after about a minute he breaks the silence. "What we're you really doing out here?" You take a deep breath. "I was hungry and I had a nightmare." You pause. "It was actually about you and the guys." You say. "I don't know wheather or not I should be flattered that you dreaming about me or Insulted that it was a nightmare." He says. "So, tell me what was it about?" He ask you. "Idk It's really confusing, I had the dream twice. I see myself laying on a bed, and the guys surrounding me and they're pointing fingures at each other blaming eveyone cuz I died I think. Then you walk in and say You're gonna help." He stands still for a moment then continues to walk. "But I think it's nothing, I mean it's just a dumb dream." You say.
  10. When you're outside the building you the guys stumble out the door. They all fall on the ground, you laugh and they hear you, they look up and they all seem releived that your okay but when they see Cam they all stand up straight and look at him. "Who is HE?" Chris ask. Then Alex says "His name is Cam, and we met him at the airport." Then you see him mouth to the guys "Creep." But luckily Cam didn't notice. "Alex, shut up. He needs a sweater." When you make your way past the guys you elbow Alex. "Be nice." You whisper.

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