Which type of Tokio Hotel fan are you?

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THere are many of us. The society knows us. Tokio Hotel knows us. But, do u know which type of TH fans are you? Its just a quiz, so no need to be upset if the result wasn't what you expected, what's important is having fun!

Have u read all the description? I hope u have, because... well, no reason at all lol XD By the way, I'm a little bit drunk, so don't be too harsh on me, thankyou

Created by: DehPhobia

  1. Hi, alien! :)
  2. So.. do u know every song of Tokio Hotel ?
  3. Every word of the songs..?
  4. Do u know who is Ria?
  5. Have you ever read any fan fictions or seen fan videos about Tokio Hotel?
  6. The BTK app?
  7. If u see Bill & Tom...
  8. Slash!
  9. peret hilton
  10. Bushido
  11. Bye aliens!

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Quiz topic: Which type of Tokio Hotel fan am I?