rawr..... I wuv you.

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Thread Topic: rawr..... I wuv you.

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    -3- you have school in a couple hours.

    XD oh god (:o because murderers are waiting for you to get up at midnight to use the restroom) o.O I see though xD welp
    ^~^ it's fine, it'll only be like this up until February 21 when we get our major inspection done and two days after apply for even a higher rank than what I have now, by then I hope I can be back to normal. O.O nu, I'm fine it has nothing to do with you or me being mad at you

    ;-;are you sure you're fine though like
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    XD yeahhhhh... I'm supposed to get up a seven and it's 4:17 now, oh well. Might aswell commit now.

    XD ( XP definitely Bruh, ) XD yup. .o, oh, okay then. O.O" oh.

    well depends who you ask cuz liek no one is going to die, so that's pretty good. O.o
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    -3- sleep

    XD yup

    O.O it is

    ;-; I gtg I'm so sorry, see you and take care.
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    XP yup.

    .o. Awh, okay. Byeeee!
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    I have a maths exam in less than eight And a half hours, what am I doing?
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    Sing me to sleep~
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    Beaver Novice
    Help!!!!! I lost my UNICORN!!!!!!😭😭😭😱😱😱
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    So there was a school shooting in France recently, I think it was the 15th but idk. Apparently the dude's motivation came from his interest in the columbine shooting.
    Oh yeah, probs should mention no one died.
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    It's too dark, I hate this.

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