are you a devil or an angel

Are you an angel or devil sorry if it is not accurate please comment and rate thanks . few are angels but there are not allot of devils its just for fun

So don't take it personally if you get what you did not want sorry if its not accurate please comment and rate tell me what you got I would be happy if you did.

Created by: Cleo and dilly
  1. OK first do you think your an angel or devil
  2. You see a puppy on the side of the road who looks skinny and weary what do you do
  3. You see a small girl get bullied by a tough guy
  4. Are you a bully
  5. Freebie
  6. Hello
  7. Do you curse
  8. Have you ever stole
  9. Please comment and rate
  10. Are you honest,generous,respectful,sweet

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Quiz topic: Am I a devil or an angel