Are You An Angel Or A Devil Today?

You know, most of the time we can put ourselves into 2 catagories, The Angel (The Goodie-Goodies) or The Devil (The Not So Goodie-Goodie). Lets face it, we all have a little of both inside us but what are you today, thats the question...

This quiz was made for entertainment, and entertainment purposes only, thank you. I really hope you like...wait, no, love this quiz, hehe, just kidding, yeah, like this quiz ofcourse...

Created by: Kish

  1. So, you want to know if you are an Angel or a Devil today, huh? Well then, stop wasting time reading this question, go to the next one and give me a high five *cough* thats what cool people say don't they? Ahem...anyway, next question
  2. Now the real deal... What is your mood right now?(or what closely matches your mood?)
  3. The weather? Do you like the weather out there right now?
  4. And now for your health, how you feeling today buddy?
  5. What time of the day is it there right now?
  6. Hey look, money on the ground,eh, say 5 bucks, the big question... To take or not to take?
  7. Hey, I just saw you picking your nose, don't deny it, I totaly saw you...just don't put it in your mouth 0.0
  8. Hey hey, I'm all out of questions, so eh, well hope you like the quiz...
  9. Rate and Comment please?...pretty beautiful please?
  10. Now... The moment we have all been waiting for... The results

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Quiz topic: Am I An Angel Or A Devil Today?