who would like you? fallen angel, vampire or devil?

Hi people! my name is lilly! ive made this quiz for you! you better like it! i put a lot of effort! Good luck! i hope you enjoy it! it might be a bit short, but i hope you like it and all. XD

This is my first quiz i ever made! if you take how many i've made, times it by 1million, divide it by 2, plus 4, then subtract 200,000, that how many quizes i've taken compared to how many i've made.

Created by: lilly

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  1. you go to the supermaket and about to buy bread for your mom. an old lady takes the last one. what to you do?
  2. my name is bob.
  3. ok, some more real questions: youre walking home in the night, when you feel nsomeoone frollowing behind you. what to you do?
  4. lets say you turned around and it was your mom. she came looking for you coz she was worried. what do you say?
  5. you lost youre home work but your teacher asks for it. what do you say/do?
  6. you are gonna get a new pet. what's it gonna be?
  7. you've chosen the pet, now you need to choose a name from the ones below:
  8. would you die for ur boyfriend?
  9. how would you discribe urself in simplest form?
  10. whats ur fav. colour?
  11. last question, do you like pokemon (etheir watch it or play it or genery think its ok)
  12. HA! tricked you!

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