Evil baddie or goodie two shoes?

You have to fit into some sort of catergory in life. This test is to see what catergory you actually fit into. However, this test does make these catergories set to the extreme and is for fun, so don't take it to heart!

Are you an evalllll baddie or a goodie two shoes? Do you enjoy seeing people living a brilliant life or do you like to see suffering wherever you go? Try this quiz and see what you actually are!

Created by: Lu of this site
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  1. You get into an argument with someone close to you. What happens?
  2. The government wants to pass a law. Which of these sounds most appealing?
  3. If you had a power, what would it be?
  4. You like to see others:
  5. You dislike:
  6. Your dream car would be something in the region of:
  7. When you're living fantasies... you think of the partner as...
  8. Your dog is...
  9. Food to cook your partner...
  10. Below there are selection of words. Which selection appeals to you most?

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