How bad are you?

So, how bad are you? Want to find out if your really the goodie-goodie two shoes you think you are? Or want to find out if your really as bad as you seem?

Find out with this quiz. Yea i know its corny but fun and somewhat accurate lol. If your honest and 0% yea ok......that aint gonna happen lol. No way are you as innocent as you seem.

Created by: stephanie of my myspace...
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  1. Have you ever smoked pot?
  2. Do you smoke cigerettes?
  3. Ever done acid?
  4. Ever done shrooms?
  5. Ever had sex?
  6. Ever lied?
  7. ever snuck out of the house?
  8. ever huffed?
  9. ever taken someone elses meds?
  10. done x?
  11. coke or crack?
  12. drank even a sip of alcohol?
  13. had detention?
  14. got aci or suspended?
  15. got in a verbal fight?
  16. got in a physical fight?
  17. Do you purposely or have you ever shown ur undies in public?
  18. Ever worn the other genders undies or clothes?
  19. ever dirty dance?
  20. been sent to boot camp?
  21. looked at pron?
  22. cheated on a bf/gf?
  23. cheated on a test?
  24. copied homework?
  25. ever told someone "i love you" and not ment it?
  26. worn a thong?
  27. flashed or mooned someone?
  28. ever disobeyd your parents?
  29. ever hurt an innocent animal for fun?
  30. laughed at someone elses pain?
  31. wished someone harm?
  32. Do u find hate fun?
  33. are you racist?
  34. are you prejudice against anything?
  35. what do you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How bad am I?