the random quiz

Hello.. Im fine.. So I was just bored.. So I decided to create a quiz.. The RANDOM QUIZ.. I know people get bugged by taking such quizzes.. But I promise I'll create a much better one next time..;)

This quiz will determine how much we have in common.. Like d title say.. It's a quiz about random questions..Ok now just scroll down and take the quiz!! Good luck!!!:)

Created by: Cleo and dilly

  1. Are you an animal lover?
  2. What is your favourite color?
  3. How mAny siblings do you have?
  4. Your favourite food out of these?
  5. Your priority?
  6. How old r u?
  7. Wat hair color do you prefer?
  8. Wat eye Color do you prefer?
  9. Favorite one direction member?
  10. Do you ever feel insecure?

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