Shout Outs! (Girl_Almighty)

I put 12 shout outs in this quiz!Are you one of those lucky 12 GTQ users?Lets find out!All the people I put in this shout out quiz are the peole I look up to and I am friends with.I love all of these people.

This is my first quiz.I love comments so please please please comment on this quiz.If you do,you will make my day.That is how much I love comments!Thank you!Please take this quiz so when I check the stats,it says you took this quiz!

Created by: Girl_Almighty

  1. Shout out to dogsbuddy!She is my one of my best friends!
  2. Shout out to Br0wnieBunny!Ive never asked if we could be friends,but I really love her!
  3. Shout out to xXChillXx!She is one of dogsbuddys best friends and we get along really well.
  4. Shout out to Beautiful123!She is a best friend to me!
  5. Shout out to Lilith_Rose!She gave me advice to stay strong and not let words hurt you.
  6. Shout out to JellyPenguin!We talk a lot and she is really funny!
  7. Shout out to Cleo and dilly!She is really funny!
  8. Shout out to Nialler34!She rarely ever comes online,but she is a Nialler just like me!
  9. Shout out to BTRfreak!She is a directionet just like me!She doesnt like BTR anymore and she is very nice and funny!
  10. The last shout out goes to abby1!She is my big sister and I look up to her.

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