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  • How well do you know PJO and HoO series?
    [published: Jun 20, 2017]

    There are many fans of the Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Heroes of Olympus Series…

  • How much are you like me ?
    [published: May 13, 2016]

    There are many people in this world but how many are alike today let's see if u and me are alike by…

  • Which one of my friends are you ?
    [published: Apr 23, 2016]

    I have six friends that I know pretty well left out Sadie sorry so figure out if your Allie…

  • Are you a mermaid ?
    [published: Feb 28, 2016]

    There are many mythical creatures among us espesially mermaids . I'm a big mermaid fan and I am one that's…

  • Are you a mermaid
    [published: Jan 1, 2016]

    Ok first of all no mermaid haters allowed. Mermaids are not just mermaids. There is Artic,Light,Volcano,Water,E…

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