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  • Dear Evan Hansen RP
    "Hey. I'm not dead"
  • "Hey guys sorry I've been sick the whole afternoon and had school so I couldn't get on last night to respond ibam so sorry , / "I guess that ..."
  • "Serena strolled in to the living room , hair pinned up in a bun. "Ooh can we watch The Little Mermaid?" She asked plopping down by Lucy"
  • My tbhs are NOT free.
    "This is why I came back Also I'll give you my boyfriend"
  • "Johnathan is also a male werewolf. Turns into a wolf during full moons, increased sight speed and hearing along with strength )"
  • "Violet: Serina best friend. Dark hair, And died hr hair violet at the tips. Is slightly emo. Serina: The shut but persuasive y"
  • Monster Hunters
  • Monster Hunters
    "Maybe fighting between Serena and David/Minerva ? Or beeeen her and Lucy? And Serena become friends with her parents friends son?"
  • Hi guys
  • Hey Mac
    "Mark took Megs hands and made her clap along"
  • Monster Hunters
    "Yeah like I have no idea what's going on, and who about 3 characters are, or doing. I know it sucks but posting order is needed for such a b..."
  • Hey Mac
  • Monster Hunters
    "Where the bloody hell can I put Serena?)"
  • Hey Mac
  • Monster Hunters
    "Serena, bored of school and being alone, trier to skip class and in getting caught, was suspended for two days. She had timried to skip befo..."

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