How Much Do You Know About Cats?

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While cats are a common household pet, not many people know random facts about cats. Some people don't really care to learn about these wonderful creatures, but clearly, you do.

Do you think you have a good amount of knowledge on cats? Can you get a whooping 100% on this challenging yet fun quiz? Find out by scrolling on down!

Created by: Dark22978

  1. How many muscles do cats have in each of their ears?
  2. How many claws does the average cat have on its paws?
  3. Is it rare for a male calico to be fertile (able to have offspring)?
  4. Do all cat breeds have fur?
  5. What are cats scientific name?
  6. What is the technical term for a cat's hairball?
  7. What is a group of cats called?
  8. What kind of cat is linked to superstition?
  9. Approximately how many people in the US are bitten by cats?
  10. Do cats have an instinct to hunt?
  11. Are all feline species able to be household pets?

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