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  • How Well Do You Know Me?
    [published: Dec 25, 2018]

    This quiz allows you to see how well you know me!Have fun and thank you so much for taking my quiz!I…

  • I bet you can't score 100%!
    [published: Jul 25, 2017]

    Many,many people believe that they may score or qualifie to get 100%.Are you one of the peopke who…

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  • Prove me wrong
    "Oh lord you need help smh"
  • It's been a minute
  • Canadian elections
    "Being a canadian, and a french canadian just like ughhhhh"
  • Canadian elections
    "Well tbh im just happy the conservatives and the bloc quebec didnt win."
  • Why Don't We
  • Annicetta
    "Alrighty ill get my character started asap"
  • It's been a minute
    "Heyoooo sorry its finals week and ive been superrrr busy but ill most likely be answering at night here since i have school during the day.F..."
  • "I would've snatched her steven universe backpack 👀"
  • It's been a minute
    "Sorry could you remind me of the old one?Also I actually have to get going right now, I have some finals test tomorrow and it's getting quit..."
  • It's been a minute
    "Oh yeah yeah sure here is fine"
  • Sososososo
    "Ok so I have a crush on this boy.Let's call him Daniel.Daniel is really popular and sporty and he's basically a stereotypical jock dude.But ..."
  • It's been a minute
    "Hmm probably, I used to rp a lot with ppl a longggg time ago.I feel like it's been ages since ive been on gtq"
  • It's been a minute
    "Cool cool im Adri btw"
  • It's been a minute
    "Hows life been everyone"
  • It's been a minute
    "Sooo anyways"

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