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  • How Well Do You Know Me?
    [published: Dec 25, 2018]

    This quiz allows you to see how well you know me!Have fun and thank you so much for taking my quiz!I…

  • I bet you can't score 100%!
    [published: Jul 25, 2017]

    Many,many people believe that they may score or qualifie to get 100%.Are you one of the peopke who…

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  • ~Singin' like~
    "I really need to sleep"
  • ~Singin' like~
    "wowie sorry didnt think anyone would respond XD anyways how u doing"
  • ~Singin' like~
  • ~Singin' like~
  • ~Singin' like~
    "I have an obsession with French songs."
  • Isabel
  • Isabel
    "Warren plopped onto the bed which was made up of white sheeted and white pillows. "This is only temporary,"he reminded himself"you "
  • "I mean I live for the cheesy ass RoMaNcE sO yE"
  • Of both words
    "The only thing is,what pronouns would we be using(because I dont want to be rude😥)"
  • Of both words
    "Heeeey I want to practice using non binary characters so can I join?"
  • ~Singin' like~
    "I have a random question.What time is it where yall are at? 9:40 pm OvEr HeRe"
  • hi ?
    "hI nIcE To MeEEt yA"
  • Soooo
    "^lmfao i told my sister and she said "Get a surgery or some s--- cause you need balls"XD🤔😂"
  • ~Singin' like~
    "I had an idea of doing a sort of rp based off of that.Like the story continued after noah and elle are reunited.Idk i rlly want to do it but..."
  • ~Singin' like~
    "Like after i watched the kissing booth ive been obssessed with that stuff"

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