love story (middle school drama)

There is drama in the air boys kissing girls love everywhere you are new and u are in need to fit in you have a dance and u need a date but you need to find a great guy

Who your great guy is you will have to find out in this quite there will be questions to find out your true guy and u need to find out after this quize

Created by: gwen

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  1. He calls u hot what do u say
  2. U meet gavin in the park he holds your hand u feel nervous u blush
  3. The next day cole is with another girl they are making out what do u do or think
  4. Jake looked at you intently he has gorgeous eyes what do u think
  5. A girl comes up to u and screams what are u doing with my mane cole he is mine and slaps u what do u do
  6. Let's say u slapped her cole comes up and yells what are u doing are u crazy
  7. Jake starts kissing u and u try to get away but he hits u what do u do
  8. You manage to get away and u bump Into gavin u tell him what happened he hugs u and says he wished he could had helped what do u think
  9. There I s a school dance Jake asked u what do u say
  10. Who would u date

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