how hot are you?

How Hot are you? How hot do people think you are? Take this quiz to find out if what people say about you is true! Are you really smoking or are some people lying to you?

i bet someone has called you hot, beautiful, handsome at least once in your sad little life. But was it your mother? even a boyfriend\girlfriend could be lying to you. And definitely don't trust your best friend. Take this quiz to find out.... Are you Hot?

Created by: Gillian

  1. what are you wearing?
  2. do you think that your sexy?
  3. do others call you hot?
  4. are you athletic?
  5. what color are your eyes?
  6. are you insecure?
  7. do you attract a lot of the other gender?
  8. have you been in a lot of relationships?
  9. what size are you?
  10. what would you rather eat?

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Quiz topic: How hot am I?