Does Your Crush Deserve You?

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Does your crush deserve you? Do they deserve your greatness? Do they deserve your awesomeness? Do they even deserve to be around you? Take this quiz and get your questions answered!

I DON'T KNOW YOUR CRUSH. So yeah this is a quiz. But thanks for clicking on this. Oh and reading these paragraphs, because I never even read them. Haha, enjoy my quiz.

Created by: Nialler34
  1. Does your crush treat you the same way around his/her friends as they do when you're alone?
  2. If you were upset would they care to ask you what's wrong?
  3. If someone was being mean to you would your crush stand up for you?
  4. Does he/she always make time to talk to you? In anyway...
  5. Who starts most of the conversations?
  6. If it was raining outside and you had no jacket/coat would your crush offer you their jacket/coat?
  7. Do they talk about past relationships around you?
  8. Do they try to make you laugh even if the joke really isn't that funny?
  9. In wide hallways do they make an attempt to get as close as possible to you?
  10. Do they compliment you if you've done something different? (Example: You've done your hair differently)
  11. Does your crush always make time to be around you?

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