What wedgie do YOU deserve?

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I am very pleased for myself for FINALLY remembering my code to get back in to see the results and community. So yeah, please comment, have great times, and PLEASE do the wedgies.

Here you will answer a few questions. When answered all Q's, look at your results and do the wedgie you are given. If done, please write a story about what and how it went.

Created by: Wedgie Lover 2
  1. How old are you?
  2. What kind of texture is best?
  3. Do you like wedgies?
  4. If so, what kind?
  5. What underwear brand do you wear?
  6. Which is worse? Spiders or snakes?
  7. Do you like the quiz?
  8. What colors do you like?
  9. Remember, when the quiz is over, you HAVE TO DO THE WEDGIE YOU ARE GIVEN!!
  10. You want to know what your results are?

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Quiz topic: What wedgie do I deserve?

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