81 Types Test (Part 2)

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Welcome to Part 2 of the 81 Types (a.k.a. "Dynamic Types") Test! With the Myers-Briggs dichotomies, it is always "either/or". Scores are usually in percentages, so it is possible to come close on E/I, for instance, or any of the other three scales. However, this will not be reflected in the type code; which will be the same, regardless of how close the scores are (even a slim margin of only 51-49 will tip the scale over to one side or the other). People often complain of not fitting well either as an introvert or extrovert, and thus some claim "ambiversion". Starting in 2007, Eric Bolden, an MBTI certified typologist, and a few others out there have thought of ways to try to allow this in the type code. This is done by adding a third point to each dichotomy, representing a "moderate" range.

In a type discussion, where people were claiming to be "ambiverted", Eric Bolden mentioned this idea. In 2008, another member of the typology community, who goes by the username Athenian, came up with what neutral facets would do to the functions. Instead of W, X, and Y like what is used in the EISenFelt system for ambiguous code, Athenian came up with actual names for the new, moderate facets: I/A/E (Introverted, Ambiverted, Extraverted), N/R/S (iNtuitive, Realist, Sensor), F/B/T (Feeling, Balanced, Thinking), and J/M/P (Judging, Malleable, Perceiving). This results in 81, dynamic types, instead of only 16 like in the MBTI. Later, in 2009, the full process orders for 76 of them were discovered by Angelica Graue. An analysis on 81 Types theory was then released online by Eric Bolden. In order to determine your first two letters, take Part 1. Part 2 will determine your last two letters.

Created by: Ezekiel

  1. I...
  2. I am...
  3. I tend to be...
  4. I have a...
  5. I'm very scheduled, always making plans.
  6. I'm decisive and quick at tasks.
  7. I'm empathetic and caring of others.
  8. I'm critical, firm, and impersonal with people.
  9. I equally pay attention to both my thoughts and feelings.
  10. I am influenced by both a need for order and a need to be flexible.
  11. My judgment and perception are very easily influenced (pliable) and susceptible to change.
  12. I thrive with the unexpected, and I love to keep my options open.
  13. I'm relaxed and adaptable, but also tend to procrastinate.
  14. I'm a balanced individual, neither strictly objective nor subjective with decisions or facts.
  15. I wish to be appreciated so I try to please others, and I value harmony.
  16. I'm logical, objective, rational, and thick-skinned.

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