Myers Briggs Test

From what I've seen online, many MBTI quizzes don't really go beyond asking you vague questions such as if you're someone who is "concrete" or "abstract." I wanted to try a different approach by asking more in-depth questions that are a bit clearer.

Quite simply, from the choices below for each question, choose the one that fits you most. Not all of them will fit perfectly, and that's okay. This quiz is only meant to give you a general idea of your type and not necessarily confirm it.

Created by: Ardielley
  1. You describe yourself as...
  2. You describe yourself as...
  3. You would make a good detective because...
  4. When you come to conclusions about ideas, you...
  5. Which of these crosses your mind most often when resolving conflicts?
  6. Which description is most accurate?
  7. Which type of people do you have trouble relating to most?
  8. Which type of people do you have trouble relating to most?
  9. How do you react when other people say something that contradicts your beliefs?
  10. In school, you (pick which one fits most accurately)...
  11. Finally, why are you interested in learning your type?

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