Which Greeker are you?

Saw those interesting Greekers but unsure of which colour to get? Leave it to us! Know the type of Greeker you are and get the one that shows off your personality the most!

Thanks for your support for GreekToMe. This quiz is made in reference to and editing from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Have fun with it!

Created by: GreekToMe of GreekToMe
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  1. Which of the following sounds the most appealing to you when you are tired?
  2. Which of the following are you most likely to do when you enter a room to see your best friends quarreling.
  3. Relationships to you should be:
  4. You are always on time for appointment
  5. Rules, laws and traditions to you are:
  6. When you receive a new electronic gadget, you
  7. You easily get drawn into the feelings of characters in a drama
  8. Which of the following interest you most?
  9. You do not like making decisions
  10. You always have a plan of what to do in your head.
  11. You tend to be more reserved and distant in communication
  12. Which set of adjectives best describe you?
  13. You are more concerned with the bigger picture of an idea than its details.
  14. Justice is more important to you than mercy.
  15. You like to keep check of how things are progressing
  16. You tend to be unbiased even when decisions may endanger your friendship with the other person
  17. You easily sees principles behind specific occurrences
  18. You are more inclined to rely on improvisation than on careful planning
  19. It is boring to read theoretical books.

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Quiz topic: Which Greeker am I?